Bank Reference

One of the important things in business is trust. However, Trust usually only comes when the track records of the parties involved in the transaction are noticeable or when there is a party who is supported or guaranteed by a trusted third party. The role of this third party is generally carried out by the Bank by issuing a Bank Reference, a certificate issued by Bank Mantap at the request of an individual or corporate customer for certain purposes which is non-binding, non-promising and non-guaranteeing.

Bank references issued by Bank Mantap deserves to be your mainstay to build the trust for making the business transactions run smoothly.


  1. Especially given to the customers of Bank Mandiri Taspen.
  2. Reference letters are not binding on Bank Mandiri Taspen


  1. As a reference that the customer is well known by the bank (special customer)
  2. Fulfill one of the requirements for a customer who will make an application to a third party.


  1. Individual
  2. Business entities/legal entities.


  1. Having an account at Bank Mandiri Taspen
  2. Submitting a letter of request for getting the bank reference.