Saving Bond Retail are investment products issued by the government and sold to Indonesian Citizens throught Distribution Partner in the Market Primary.PT. Bank Mandiri Taspen as Sub Distribution Partner in collaboration with PT. Mandiri Sekuritas (Distribution Partner) in offering Saving Bond Retail Online.

A. Benefits and advantages of Saving Bond Retail:

  1. Coupons and principal are guaranteed by the Government.
  2. Tax is lower than terms deposit.
  3. Attractive returns.
  4. Early Redemption (Specially for Saving Bond Ritel (SBR) and Savings Sukuk (ST))
  5. Participate in supporting national development.

B. The Risk of investing in Saving Bond Retail:

  1. Default Risk
    Investor can’t obtain the payment of funds that have been promised by issuer at the maturity of the coupon and principal.
  2. Market Risk
    Capital loss may occur if the Investor sell Saving Bond Retail in the Secondary Market before the maturity date at a lower selling price than the purchase price.
  3. Liquidity Risk
    Investor can’t sell or withdraw investment product in a fast time at a reasonable price.

C. Fees on Saving Bond Retail:

Distribution Partners, Sub Distribution Partners and Perceptions Bank/Post are prohibited from charging fees for payment and purchase order of Saving Bond Ritel to Potensial Investor. Fees for opening savings account are adjusted to Bank Mandiri Taspen’s policy (if the potensial investor doesn’t have yet a saving account)

D. Requirement for ordering Saving Bond Retail:

  1. Individuals who are Indonesian citizens who have Identity Card registered;
  2. Have an active savings account at Bank Mandiri Taspen;
  3. Complete the documents consisting of Identity Card and Tax Identification Numbers;
  4. Fill in the personal data on Online Account Opening System and Customer Fund Account; CLICK HERE

To purchase the Saving Bond Retail, please CLICK HERE