BUMN Work Culture

Trustworthy: upholding the trust given

  1. Keep the promises and commitments
  2. Responsible for the tasks, decisions and actions taken
  3. Stick to moral and ethical values

Competent: Continuing to learn and develop capabilities

  1. Improve self-competence to respond to ever-changing challenges
  2. Help others to learn
  3. Complete tasks to the highest quality

Harmonious: Caring for each other and respecting the differences

  1. Respect everyone regardless of their background
  2. Like to help others
  3. Build a conducive work environment

Loyal: Dedicated to and prioritizing the interests of the nation and state

  1. Protect the good name of fellow employees, leaders, SOEs and the State
  2. Willing to sacrifice to achieve a greater goal
  3. Obey the leader as long as it does not violate the law and ethics

Adaptive: Innovating continuously and be enthusiastic in driving or dealing with a change

  1. Quickly adjust to be better
  2. Make improvements continuously to keep up with technological developments
  3. Be positive

Collaborative: Building synergistic cooperation

  1. Provide opportunities for various parties to contribute
  2. Be open to working together to generate added value
  3. Encourage the use of various resources for common goals