Benefits / Facilities :

  1. Financing the working capital, investment and consumption needs
  2. Liquidation can be done at once or withdrawn at any time
  3. Principal installment payment
  4. Interest payment

Fees : 

  1. Administration and provision fees
  2. Notary fees/PPAT and collateral binding (including checking the validity of the certificate
  3. Insurance fee
  4. Expenses incurred (late fines/accelerated expenses)

Terms of Submission of Credit (Individual) :

  1. Photocopy of applicant's numbers (husband/wife) ID and NPWP
  2. Photocopy of Family Card and Marital Certificate
  3. Photocopy of Certificate of Business
  4. Document Ownership of Stall/kiosk and child diploma.

Terms of Submission of Credit (Business entity) :

  1. Business Legality (SIUP, TDP, SITU, NPWP)
  2. Copy of Checking Account / Savings / Deposit
  3. Evidence of last year's UN payments
  4. Photocopy of invoices and receipts
  5. Photocopy of Practicle License
  6. Photocopy of deed of establishment and latest amendment