1. Get a savings book
  2. Free monthly administration fees and interest rates in accordance with applicable regulations
  3. Can make deposits at all Bank Mandiri Taspen offices
  4. Minimum deposit of Rp10,000,-
  5. Get a Bank Mandiri Taspen ATM card to make withdrawals, pay phone bills through ATMs at all Bank Mandiri ATM outlets and ATM Bersama
  6. Have the opportunity to join the savings program to get prizes without being drawn

Fees :

  1. Account closing fee Rp0,-

SiMantap Pension Savings Account Opening Requirement:

  1. Initial account opening minimum Rp0, - and minimum balance Rp0, -
  2. Attach a copy of valid identity such as ID / SIM / Passport / KIMS / KITAS
  3. Retirement Identity Card (Karip / Buku Asabri)
  4. Telephone number of TELKOM or mobile phone that can be contacted