Money transfer services are provided at the request of and for the benefit of the customers.


  1. Providing convenience in money transfer/payment transactions in rupiah currency at the competitive costs.
  2. Safe and fast.

General requirements

  1. Served at all Bank Mandiri Taspen branch offices.
  2. Can be done by customers or non-customers.
  3. Transfers can be done on the basis of a recurring mandate (standing instruction).
  4. The transfer recipient is the holder of a Bank Mandiri Taspen account, another bank account or taken in cash.
  5. Cash/Non-Cash transfer deposits.

Transfer Types

  1. Clearing, is a national scale inter-bank transfer service where the period for receiving funds is in accordance with the clearing provisions of Bank Indonesia.
  2. RTGS, is a national scale inter-bank transfer service where funds are effectively received at the destination bank in a matter of minutes, as long as the transaction is made before the deadline.
  3. BIRTGS, The Bank Indonesia Real Time Gross Settlement System, hereinafter referred to as the BI-RTGS system, is an electronic fund transfer system between banks in rupiah currency, the settlement of which is done per individual transaction.
  4. SKNBI, The Bank Indonesia National Clearing System (SKNBI) is the infrastructure used by BI in Organizing Fund Transfers and Scheduled Clearing to process Electronic Financial Data on Fund Transfer Services, Debit Clearing Services, Regular Payment Services, and Regular Billing Services.
  5. BI-FAST is a national retail Payment System infrastructure that can facilitate retail payments in real-time, safe, efficient, and available at any time (24/7).