1. Deposit via auto-debit Savings/Giro account
  2. Earn interest above the savings interest rate
  3. Term of 1 year to d. 20 years
  4. No monthly administration fee
  5. When the balance is due, the balance is immediately credited/transferred to the account of the source of the deposit


  1. If there are no deposits for 3 (three) times, the TSB account will be automatically closed by the system and the balance is credited/transferred to the source account of the monthly deposit. Upon closing the account, a penalty fee of IDR 100,000 is imposed.
  2. Closing the account before maturity at the request of the customer is permitted, but is subject to a penalty fee of IDR 100,000 and an administrative fee of IDR 5,000,-

Requirements for Opening a SiMantap Berjangka Savings Account:

  1. Submit a photocopy of your KTP/Identity Card
  2. Make an initial deposit for account opening a minimum of IDR 100,000,-
  3. Make periodic deposits according to the TSB program multiples
  4. Must have a monthly deposit source account in the form of a checking or savings account other than TSB